Introduction to Pioneer


Pioneer v1 is generally available!

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Pioneer is an open-source, spec-compliant (opens in a new tab) GraphQL server that's compatible with any GraphQL schema built with GraphQLSwift/GraphQL (opens in a new tab).

Pioneer and GraphQL as a layer between your Swift backend and your Web, iOS, and Android frontend

🪛 Straightforward setup

Just plug it in and start working immediately

🌐 Universal compability

Compability with any data source, any GraphQL client, any GraphQL schema built on top of GraphQLSwift/GraphQL (opens in a new tab)

🕊 Subscriptions capable

Subscriptions using GraphQL over WebSocket protocols such as graphql-ws (opens in a new tab) and subscriptions-transport-ws (opens in a new tab)

🚀 Wide range of features

HTTP resolving strategy, extensive context building, AsyncEventStream (opens in a new tab) and PubSub (opens in a new tab)

🏅 Spec-compliant

Pioneer is compliant with the GraphQL over HTTP spec (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on December 28, 2022